Putting my mark on things

I decided yo put my call-sign on my radios, so I asked my wife to print me a few labels with my call-sign on them. I have put them on all three radios and both of the phones I have installed the echo-link android-app.

The UV-82 was especially pleasant to put a label on, since I peeled off the Baofeng face-plate and put my (cut to shape) call-sign label into that recessed area.

It is my experience  than labels on often handled objects fall off or wear out fast, so I sealed them on to my radios using some clear nail-polish that my wife had discarded because of the foul smell it gives off while hardening.

I’m pretty pleased with the result:DSCN1986-wm

70 CM YAGI from scrap project

I started a new UHF project. I first started making a 2m “7db for 7 $“antenna, and that is almost done. While the silicone is hardening on the VHF antenna, I started on to the UHF version. I made a Excel spreadsheet Yagi calculator and the dimensions are based both on this spreadsheet and the “7db for 7 $” formulas.

Materials (so far):

  • Reflector and driven element scavenged from scrapped tv antenna
  • Boom and directors from scrapped blinds. Driven element halves are also kept together using a rod from the scrapped blinds.
  • Acrylic/silicone and Loctite epoxy

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