Finally got a decent power supply (12V 20A)

Finally got a decent power supply (12V 20A). I wanted to block my pets from sniffing/licking a live 120VAC wire, so I decided to put it in a container. How much air does this thing need? Have holes all along the side of the box, all over the lid and extra holes above the fan. Hope this will be enough air flow.

To ensure that the prongs of the back of the volt meter didn’t short on the metal case of the PSU, I put two layers of electrical tape on the back of before duct taping it. I might JB weld it to the body unless JB weld is conductive(?). If so, ShoeGoo might be an alternative.

Also, for safety, I later taped the mains cable with several thin strands of duct tape inside of the container so the live wire wouldn’t accidentally be pulled out and be exposed or short.

power supply in case

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