The start of the mobile setup in my old Jeep (and unidentified mystery wire)

It’s the new Kenwood VHF and a used CB radio I got on eBay. For safety, I later engraved both radios with my name, email and call-sign in several locations with my engraver (

For some reason, the CB interferes with the VHF when it’s set on channel 2. Strange. I have ferrite beads on the power leads on both radios.

The VHF is connected with the original cables directly to the battery.

The CB is connected to the fuse-box using a mystery fuse. I assume it used to be the cable for a tracking device from back when the car still had payments left on it. It lead up to under the dashboard where it was snipped off without any termination or even electrical tape. This is the cable going up to the dashboard. The soldered joints were taped over:


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